President Koji Okura

Koji Okura

Tominaga Co. was established in 1887 and it manufactured in Japan the first petrol dispenser in 1918. Since then, we have been building a strong position in the industry as one of the manufacturers and marketers of the fuel supply systems. We are supplying a wide array of products such as petrol dispensers, POS systems etc., to be used at the service stations. Our products have, all through the time, been developed with a sense of proactive steps for the customers’ needs and requirements by applying the maximum utilization of advanced technology which we consider to be essential to support our society. Tominaga was the first company to advocate and introduce multi-series dispenser system in Japanese market which can handle both gasoline and diesel as a single unit. This system has gained overwhelming supports in the market and becomes now the standard model in Japan. Although it had initially a problem in correct fuel refueling distinguishing gasoline from diesel, we have developed and added new feature of so-called “Contamination- proof”first in the world, which identifies gasoline from diesel to avoid filling of wrong type of fuel. This was made possible because we always try to develop and improve the system to respond promptly to any needs, requirements and problems of our customers. Now we are engaging in not only manufacturing of fuel dispensers but also the construction of marine refueling facility, and designing and construction of fuel supply facility including tank facility to be used in the various factories and plants utilizing our know-how accumulated to supply safely and accurately hazardous and flammable materials. On the other hand, we are developing positively new products such as environmental-friendly and the disaster response/relief systems to boost trusting relationship with customers through social contribution efforts. In addition, we are committed to utilize our unique technology maximum to demonstrate “Technology of Tominaga “. The environments and the circumstances of oil industry are changing rapidly from time to time as you may aware. In any era or generation, it is required to develop new technology to produce new product in meeting with the needs or requirements of the customers or users. All members of Tominaga in product development, designing, production, marketing and maintenance service are proudly working hard to perform their tasks in strictly accordance with the company’s motto “Gratitude and Integrity”. As a firm to take a part of the responsibility in distributing energy, we are committed not only to utilize our many years of technology and knowhow thoroughly and transfer our elder’s achievement to the next generation but also continuously provide our excellent products and heart-felt services to our customers and users. Your continued support and cooperation will be appreciated.


TOMINAGA CO. (Head office)

Firm Name
Date of Establishment
May 5,1887
Date of Reorganization as a Corporation
  1. Manufacture and sales of fuel oil meters and LPG meters, other volumeters and fuel dispensing systems in accordance with Japanese Measurement Act; construction, design and superivision, and maintenance and service work.
  2. Manufacture and sales of oil tanks, tank trucks and water tanks; construction, design and supervision, and maitenance and service work.
  3. Manufacture and sales of fuel dispensing systems for small boats; construction, design and supervision, and maitenance and service work.
  4. Manufacture and sales of POS systems and information processing systems for gas station; construction, design and supervision, and maitenance and service work.
  5. Manufacture, sales and installation work of exhaust emission control systems.
  6. Manufacture and sales of volumeters for chemicals, fats and oils, oil solution, surfactants, paints, oil-based solvents etc.; construction, design and supervision, and maitenance and service work.
  7. All businesses related to the preceding paragraphs.
President  Koji Okura
Director  Kenji Kishigami
Director  Shigeru Otsuka
Auditor  Koichi Ashihara
approximately 300
International Standerds Assessment and Registration (JQA)
ISO14001: 2015 Environment Management Systems
ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems
Measuring Systems Manufacture Registeration (METI)
  • Motor Fuel Dispencers / Meters
  • Small-Caliber Onboard Fuel Meters
  • Large-Caliber Onboard Fuel Meters
  • Microflow Fuel Meters
  • Other Fuel Meters
  • Volumetric Tanks
Construction Business Licence (MLIT)
  • (Special-1) No.3487 Construction Work
  • (General-1) No. 3487 Electrical Work, Piping Work, Machinery / Equipment Installation Work, Steel Construction Work, Demolition Work