1887 Founded as manufacturer and distributor of water supply equipment including water pumps and water tanks.
1918 Developed Japan first Petrol Dispenser and become petrol dispenser manufacturer.
1970 Demonstrated trial installation of POS at Expo Osaka f70 Exhibition.
1981 Adopted first brighter Plasma Display Panel on petrol dispenser; which has become an industry standard for the replacement of conventional mechanical display panel.
1983 Released gMyconMightyh series of dispenser which allows refueling operation for the far side or opposite lane of a vehicle with sliding hose coupling.
1985 gMulti-Pumph, gMoterbike-Pumph and gOil Changerh were selected as gGood Design Producth by Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).
1990 Released Globally first Contamination-free Dispenser.
gSuper Multih dispenser was selected as gGood Design Producth by Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).h
1991 Released marine dispenser, gMarina Reelh, which was adopted by many Japanese Marinas and Fishing Ports.
1992 Released a breakthrough dispenser of gSuper Reachh in which the technology of both stationary and overhead types of dispensers were incorporated.
1996 Keen price completion was seen in the retail fuel market as the result of repeal of gAct on Interim Measures concerning the import of Designated Petroleum Products.h
1997 Delivered the first unit of the new dispenser type-certificated by new Weight & Measurement Standard.
1999 Certified ISO9001 equivalent based on new Japanese Weight & Measurement Standard.
2000 Certified ISO9001:2000
2001 Launched new IT dispenser to meet the requirements of revised Japanese Fire Laws

Certified ISO14001 and ISO9001:2000


Launched gBest Multih Series of Dispenser with large display panel and light-weight nozzle.
Certified ISO14001:2004